My name is Michelle Littlejohn. I'm an independent artist, baker and illustrator from Cleveland, Ohio.
I create illustrations and products  inspired from my daily life as a mother of 5 amazing children.  There's always something going on!

I have always taken a liking to nature... and squirrels!  While in high school
(a long long time ago!) I created a club of somesort called 
"Save The Squirrel Foundation"
It's a place were we hold ourselves  responsible for looking after our          fellow woodland buddies. 

My mascots name is Mr. Wal and he lives in heart of Scurry Forest. 
It's a place where mushrooms thrive and his local café is the most popular place around! 

On this site, I will also be hosting my children’s work as well!
Take a look around! There’s a lot to see! 

If you want to venture elsewhere
to see more of my work -----> go here: https://starrelish.com/home